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Ritmeester is a young company that fills an increasingly large gap within the range of available logistic services. In a market in which consolidation and standardisation have become the norm, there is a growing risk that creativity and the ability to improvise will disappear. That is about Ritmeester InterProcurement. The small team at Ritmeester InterProcurement makes a point of concentrating on these aspects, and our staff will not rest until they have found a solution for even your most intractable logistic issues.

Ritmeester InterProcurement will find the answer to all your logistic problems and take full control of your total flow of goods. And that is precisely what makes us the ideal partner for the procurement of all your logistics services. Our name says it all: InterProcurement.

A broad range of services

Because there are no standard solutions

Ritmeester Interprocurement is a subsidiary of Ritmeester Interfreight, the specialist for transport to any seaport in North-western Europe. Over the years, Ritmeester Interfreight has built up a unique position in the supply of provisions and MRO supplies such as lubricants, marine paints and components to ocean-going vessels and offshore platforms.

Ritmeester Interfreight transports conditioned goods and hazardous substances, as well as heavy components that barely fit on a trailer. Thanks to this very diverse range of services, Ritmeester receives an increasing numbers of requests from companies who operate in a wide range of industries where standard solutions do not exist. Ritmeester Interprocurement is geared to meet this demand.

Complete relief

It’s always different as expected

Ritmeester Interprocurement can offer advice on your most complex logistical issues and can take over the entire process if required. From our head office in Rotterdam, we can organise expedited transports to any corner of Europe and develop all manner of customised transport solutions, as well as providing the capacity required to empower value-added activities. Of course, we also take care of all associated tasks such as handling documentation.

Quality, timeliness and flexibility are key values for Ritmeester. We will make sure that your goods arrive at their destination in the proper condition and at the right time, even if things do not always go according to plan. Needless to say, we offer competitive rates, which we will always discuss with your beforehand so as to eliminate any unpleasant surprises.

Personal and progressive

Ritmeester is a professional and progressive company. We work constructively with our clients and always try to find a suitable solution. We organise all deliveries from start to finish, ensuring that our clients have nothing to worry about. Ritmeester has a personal, open culture, in which everything is open to discussion. That way, we try to improve our processes all the time.

Working at Ritmeester means working together. Working together on the growth and development of the business, the clients, the team and yourself. Working with our suppliers and clients. We highly value your contribution to Ritmeester. Together, we ensure that our clients are offered the service they expect.


Ritmeester was founded on a great passion for ports, transport and logistics. We have grown into a personal and informal business where everyone is offered the opportunity for personal development and growth. Within the company, you are given plenty of scope, and the responsibility that comes with it, to carry out your work as you see fit. We are always open to new ideas, and personal initiative is greatly appreciated.





Handelsweg 190
2988 DC Ridderkerk

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Ritmeester Interfreight is your specialist for transport to any seaport in North-western Europe, from Esbjerg to Zeebrugge.

Ritmeester maintains scheduled services between Antwerp, Rotterdam and all the north-German ports.

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